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Goya and Gaudí Award for SUC DE SÍNDRIA

After the nomination for the European Film Awards, SUC DE SÍNDRIA (Watermelon Juice) won the Goya Academy Award for Best Narrative Short Film and the Gaudí Award for Best...

Felicitamos a Belén Funes, Mauro Herce y Daniel y Pablo Remón por sus premios Goya

Belén Funes se alzó con el premio a la mejor dirección novel por LA HIJA DE UN LADRÓN. Mauro Herce se llevó el galardón a la mejor dirección...

Xacio's new film: Augas Abisais

After his feature film debut with TROTE (Locarno '18), Xacio Baño returns with AUGAS ABISAIS (Deep Waters). In our catalog you will find all his work–in short format.

16 DECEMBER at Clermont-Ferrand

Alvaro Gago returns to the Clermont-Ferrand festival with his new work. 16 DE DECEMBRO, a Ringo Media production, will take part in the internacional competition. This year we'll also...