Direction: Santiago León Cuéllar
Screenplay: Santiago León Cuéllar, Michelle Lamus Betancur
Production company: Mudra Films
Producer: Maria Angélica Ossa
Cinematography: Jaime Barrios
Edition: Santiago León Cuéllar
Sound: Carlos Arcila
Music: Jorge Mario Giraldo
Artistic direction: Elizabeth Rendón
Cast: Alma Betancur, Jerónimo Cardona

Runtime: 17:01
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Country: Colombia
Year: 2018

Alma has just entered a new high school and her classmate, Víctor, invites her to a party. The transition of her body and her hidden desires, lead Alma to face her inner fears and thus take the first step to love herself as she is.

#LGBTI #Love #Educational #SocialIssue #LatinAmerica #Adolescence