El muro

The Wall

Direction: Andrés Mossos
Screenplay: Andrés Mossos
Production company: Perro de Anteojos
Producer: Lina Sampedro
Cinematography: Gabriel Vargas
Edition: Juan Sebastían Quebrada
Sound: Guateque Cine
Artistic direction: Valeria Sepulveda Oggioni
Cast: Axl Rozo, Miguel Gutierrez

Runtime: 14:16
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Colombia
Year: 2018

On a trip from the center of the city to their neighborhood, two young graffiti artists wander through the streets and their drawings, while restlessness invades their world.


Festival Internacional de Cine Corto de Cali | Colombia, Sep 2019