Direction: Zoé Salicrup-Junco
Screenplay: Zoé Salicrup Junco
Producer: Zoé Salicrup Junco, Jane June
Cinematography: Adam Newport-Berra
Edition: Frank Dale Arroyo
Sound: Benjamin Berger, Anthony Jones
Music: Agatha Kasprzyk
Cast: Dalia Davi, Aris Mejias, Marisé Álvarez, Roy Sánchez-Vahamonde

Runtime: 20:05
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Puerto Rico
Year: 2011

Gabi Padilla thrives in a life full of pleasure and independence. But after her mother’s unexpected death, she is forced to return to her rural hometown - a place where Gabi’s sensual flair is not welcome.