La Banquisa

The Sea Ice

Direction: Sergio H. Martín
Screenplay: Rodrigo Alonso Kahlo, Sergio H. Martín
Production company: Bárbaro Cine
Producer: Sergio H. Martín, Patricia Ordaz Cruz
Cinematography: Oskar Omdal, Paul Berge
Edition: Sergio H. Martín
Sound: Sergio H. Martín

Runtime: 10:00
Format: 16mm
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English, French
Country: Mexico, Spain
Year: 2022

In 1925 a polar expedition led by the explorer Roald Amundsen managed to reach 88ºNorth, the northernmost latitude ever reached by a man at that time. How to represent the conquest of a place that is an absolutely empty geographical abstraction?


Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival | Czech Republic, Oct 2022
Festival de cine contemporáneo Black Canvas | Mexico, Oct 2022
Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine | Peru, Oct 2022
ULTRAcinema - Cine experimental y foundfootage | Mexico, Nov 2023
La mida no importa / Size doesn't matter | Spain, Jan 2024