Direction: Felipe Gálvez
Screenplay: Felipe Gálvez, Antonia Girardi
Production company: Planta, Quijote Films
Producer: Fernando Bascuñán, Giancarlo Nasi
Cinematography: Matías Illanes
Edition: Andrea Chignoli, Felipe Gálvez
Sound: Carlo Sanchez
Music: Diego Behncke
Artistic direction: Amparo Baeza
Cast: Benjamín Westfall, Roberto Farías, Andrew Bargsted, Claudia Cabezas, Ernesto Melendez, Alex Rivera

Runtime: 13:02
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Country: Chile
Year: 2018

Ariel (38) gets involved in a teenager civil arrest, the guy is accused of stealing a phone. A mob surrounds the young man and some accuse him of being guilty and some defend him. Police doesn't show up. Ariel has to decide which side he is.

#Violence #SocialIssue #LatinAmerica #Cannes

Year Festival Country Award
2018 Huesca International Film Festival Spain Second Award Iberoamerican Competition
2018 Semaine de la Critique - Festival de Cannes France
2018 Guanajuato International Film Festival Mexico